Tracing Pad for Calligraphy

This Strathmore Tracing Pad can be used for tracing drills, letters, or words. It is transparent and strong enough for anything from brush pens to nibs.


Water Brush Pens

Water brush pens are so useful for blending colors of calligraphy pieces or just to use for lettering! I love to use these with the Ecoline watercolor ink that is also linked below in the next section!


Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

Ecoline liquid watercolors pair perfectly with water brush pens and paint brushes alike. One color can be used for calligraphy and shading simply by adding more water to it to make it appear more transparent!


Small Tip Brush Pens

These small tip brush pens are great for beginners, because the brushes are easier to control since they are smaller. The Tombow Fudenosuke link is for soft and hard tip pens, but you can aways purchase one or the other! The Pentel link is a set of several colors to work with, perfect for springtime!


Ecoline Brush Pens

These medium tip brush pens are my favorites to work with! They are flexible, fun to work with, and the colors are always vibrant!


Tombow Dual Brush Pens

These brush pens work great for calligraphy and art alike! One side has a brush tip and the other a fine tip for doodles or small details. These are awesome for blending colors as they are water based.


Heat Embossing Kit

This heat embossing kit is the perfect package to begin with heat embossing. Heat embossing adds texture and color to your calligraphy pieces and can be used for many different surfaces!


Posca Paint Pens

Posca paint pens are extremely versatile and can be used to write on anything from wood, to mirrors, to acrylic sheets! The results are always on point with vibrant and opaque colors.


Mixed Media Canson Sketchbook

This mixed media paper is smooth enough for brush pens to be used on and is thick enough to handle watercolors. I love to use it for blending, water brush pen calligraphy, or even just sketching ideas onto!


Tombow Colorless Blender

This brush pen is colorless, so it is great for blending and creating a gradient effect with your calligraphy pieces!