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Blending Colors with Calligraphy

There are many different techniques to blend colors in your calligraphy pieces, they each leave a uniqe feel to your letters and can really bring each project to life! In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how fun blending can be with a Tombow colorless blending brush pen, a water brush pen, and dipping brush pens into watercolor ink. These are all geat options that will make your calligraphy pieces more vibrant!

Start by writing out your letters with a pencil, very lightly. Next, use the lighter color to trace your sketch. Then, trace the light colored writing with another color. I typically like to create an ombre effect by adding the light color to the top half and the dark color to the bottom half. After that, use a Tombow N00 (pictured below) and softly brush the dark color into the light color. For seamless blending, I find that the Tombow colorless blending pen works great when using colors that are near each other on the Tombow color selector.

If you decide to use a water brush pen, follow the same first two steps as with the Tombow N00 blending technique. Once your sketch is complete, and colors have been added, use your water brush pen to blend the colors together. For this technique I used two colors that are more obviously blended together, rather than leaving a seamless blend like in the first example. The contrast is fun and I think works well with the quote! Sometimes, the water brush pen can be a bit more difficult to control, so be sure not to squeeze the barrel too tight or the colors might begin to bleed.

The last technique can be achieved using a watercolor ink and a water based brush pen. Begin by following the first two steps as listed with the Tombow colorless blender. Next, using a brush pen of your choice dip the brush completely or partially into a watercolor ink and start writing! I mostly have Ecoline ink on hand, so that’s what I am using. By completely dipping your brush in the ink the colors may take a little bit longer to blend, so try using a longer quote if that is what you decide to do.

Try playing with different color options, adding shadows, or using different tools! Choose whatever works best for you and if you found anything in this blog applicable share a photo on instagram and tag me in it @calligraphybyvanessa Thanks for joining and have a great week!

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