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Calligraphy with Photos in Procreate

With fall in full activities in full swing, I recently took my daughters to a nearby farm to visit their pumpkin patch, play at the playground, and pick some flowers! We had so much fun and I felt inspired to use a photo from the day out for this tutorial. I basically use the photo as a background, add a layer of calligraphy, and then add shadows!

To start this tutorial, open the Procreate app and click on”Photo” in the top right corner near the (+) button. Then, choose a photo you would like to work with. Once the new canvas is opened, add a layer. Be sure not to skip this step, otherwise when you go to erase something you’ve written it will erase the photo, as well. After, I chose my brush from the ”Calligraphy” tab. Originally, I wanted the color of my writing to match a flower from the photo. To do this, I tapped on the eyedropper (the little empty square on the left side) and chose a light pink. Next, I wrote ”picking flowers”. I ended up not liking the way the pink looked, so I changed it by creating a new layer, filling it with a different color, and adding a clipping mask. To add a clipping mask, click on the layer from ”Layer 3” and click ”Clipping Mask.” You will know that the clipping mask is activated because your writing will change colors and there will be a checkmark near ”Clipping Mask.”

I ended up not liking the dark pink color, either (oops). So, I changed it to a golden yellow color by using the clipping mask feature again. To create a shadow effect I duplicated ”Layer 2” where the calligraphy was and changed the opacity of the old layer. I changed the opactity to 50% by pressing the ”N” when the layers tab was opened, but you can choose the opacity percentage of your liking. Finally, I moved the shadow layer by pressing the arrow and dragging it to the lower right to be directly behind the calligraphy.

I really enjoyed making this piece and hope that it helps you! As the holidays are approaching I plan on doing more tutorials related to items that can be used this season. Please subscribe to keep up to date with each new blog! Thank you for joining me and see you next week!

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