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Digital Calligraphy Continued

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In today’s blog I am going to give a tutorial of calligraphy with Porcreate. I am going to be writing the quote ”I love fall most of all”, but feel free to write whatever you would like! I am using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate app.

Start by opening your Procreate app and click on the ”+” button in the top right hand corner to create a new project. Next, choose your canvas measurements, I usually use ”Screen Size” or the “Square” (because that’s the most useful for social media posts.) Keep in mind that the larger size file you choose, the less layers you will have to work with.

Now that the new canvas is created, I usually add a grid to my background. You can do this by tapping the wrench shaped button in the top left hand corner, then on ”Canvas”. Tap on the button next to “Drawing Guide”, then ”Edit Drawing Guide”. Once ”Edit Drawing Guide“ has been opened, tap on “2D Grid” and you can adjust opacity, thickness, and the size of your grid. Press ”Done” when you have chosen your settings and we can move onto the next step!

After inserting my grid, I added some lines that would serve as the ascenders and descenders for the calligraphy. These lines ensure that the letters are consistent for the piece. The brush I used for this was the ”Monoline” brush under the ”Calligraphy” tab. Immediately after the lines were drawn, I renamed my ”Layer 1” to “Ascenders & Descenders.” I usually don’t rename each layer, but thought it would be useful here for demonstration purposes.

The second to last part of this tutorial is just the lettering and then adding some minor details to the piece itself! I changed my brush to the ”Brush Pen” under the ”Calligraphy” tab and chose to letter ”I love fall most of all.” Once I finished the calligraphy portion, I renamed the second layer to ”Calligraphy.” Then, I adjusted made the letters larger by pressing the transform button (the arrow in the screenshot below.) After, I tapped the gestures button which is third from the top left hand corner, and drew a circle around each piece that I wanted to move. This was to ensure that the letters and words were spaced out evenly. If you do not think this part is necessary you can skip it, my letters were just very spaced out and I wanted to adjust them.

Finally, the last part of this is tutorial! We are just adding a few details to the overall project itself! First, I changed the background color by pressing the ”Background color” and choosing a color I thought went best with the color of the quote. Then, to create the shadows, swipe the ”Calligraphy” layer to the left and click ”Duplicate.” After, I once again selected transform button to slightly move the ”Shadows” layer to the right. I know it looks a bit confusing right now, but the next step will show the actual goal behind this part. Adjust the opacity of the ”Shadows” layer by tapping the “N,” and dragging it to the left. My opactiy is at 30%, but you can choose whatever opacity looks best in your opinion!

That concludes this tutorial for some basics about Procreate calligraphy. Thank you for joining me! If found anything from today’s blog useful mention me on Instagram @calligraphybyvanessa so I can see your progress! See you next time!

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