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Fall Related Calligraphy

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Yesterday, the 2021 fall season began and I am so excited for the arrival of this new season! Fall is great for campfires, haunted houses, and spooky decorations. Luckily, one of the great things about knowing calligraphy is being able to add a unique touch to any surface! In this blog I am going to go over a couple of fun seasonal projects that involve calligraphy!

I found this framed chalkboard at Hobby Lobby over the summer and couldn’t pass it up! I decided to write ”squadghouls” on it, because my daughter was having a Halloween themed birthday and knew it could be used again for Halloween. I sketched out the design with a pencil then traced it with a Posca Paint Pen. Typically, acrylic pens do not have the same nib as brush pens, so I used faux calligraphy to create this look. After filling the faux calligraphy in, I traced everything again to make sure it looked opaque.

You can use any blank canvas of your liking and any medium, such as chalk, chalk paint or acrylics (if you’d like it to be permanent)! Choose a fun autumn or Halloween quote and get a layout of your design before beginning to have a better idea of where each word is going to go. Since the chalkboard above was pretty small I skipped the layout part, but it is always up to you! Below is another example of a similar project, I used a wooden board that I painted black and then wrote on with a Molotov paint pen. I picked the board up after writing on the surface to create the drip effect.

This next project requires a little bit more patience, as it is on a round surface, but the outcome is worth it! You will need a pumpkin (whichever size you would like) and an acrylic paint pen. I am using a fake pumpkin to have year after year, but you can use a real one if you’d like! Just be sure to wash it if you are using a real pumpkin to ensure the pumpkin isn’t a sticky surface to write on. For the photo below, I used a fall related quote and I am really pleased with how it came out.

Photographed below are some pumpkins I’ve done in the past. These have my daughter’s names on them!

A few more ideas for writing on pumpkins cold be your family name, a pregnancy announcement, or even a Halloween movie quote! If you try any of the ideas mentioned in this blog, please tag me @calligraphybyvanessa on instagram! Next week I will be discussing digital calligraphy. Thank you for stopping by!

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