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Faux Calligraphy

The point of faux (or "fake") calligraphy is for your letters to imitate calligraphy by adding a stroke to the downstroke of each letter of a word that is written. It can be a great starting point in your calligraphy journey, because you most likely have the necessary tools at your disposal. Rather than having to go out and buy special paper, pens, or measuring tools you can just use a pencil and some paper from home. Another advantage of starting with faux calligraphy is that you are able to see which strokes will be considered "up" (thin) or "down" (thick).

I understand that while reading, it might sound a little vague or confusing to simply say "add an extra stroke to the downward stroke and fill it in"- so I added a comparison of faux calligraphy and real calligraphy below. If you are going for a modern look, allow your letters to bounce and differ in height.

Now that you understand the basics of faux calligraphy, let's get into some of its uses! Since a brush pen cannot be used on any type of surface due to its fragile nature, faux calligraphy is beneficial to know for using a variety of mediums. Also, not every type of surface will be able to have a water based medium on it. For instance, fabric, wood, and acrylic typically need an oil or acrylic based medium that will withstand the elements and not allow the art to fade. Here are some examples where I used faux calligraphy on different surfaces.

Using your knowledge of faux calligraphy you can create some really fun pieces, too! In the photo below I am demonstrating how the thick down strokes are filled in with three different colors to create an ombre effect.

This was done by drawing my letters, adding the extra stroke that would usually be where the thick stroke is, adding the colors, and lightly blending the colors with a water brush pen, like this one.

I hope this information on faux calligraphy and its versatility was helpful! Next week I plan on going over some calligraphy essentials and different brands, be sure to join me!

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