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Holiday Cards

Times have been so difficult lately and the holidays (while many believe should be a stress-free, fun time), can be particulary tough on some people. If you are able to this season, I recommend taking the time to create holiday cards! Handing cards out is a fun tradition and a great way to spread joy.

To make your own holiday cards this season, start by purchasing some blank cards and envelopes of your choice. I chose the color white, because I wanted to use different colors when writing on them and they can be used for different seasons. Before starting on the actual card, I recommend writing out your chosen phrase on a blank sheet of paper to estimate how much room each word will take. You can also draw light lines on the card with pencil and erase once your ink is completely dry. Photographed below are some of the ones I made.

To add some texture to your card (or lettering in general) using a heat embossing tool can work wonders. The powders come in all different colors and textures and this give a unique touch on any calligraphy piece. To heat emboss an item, you will need a heat embossing tool, an embossing pen, embossing powder, and an anti-static pouch. The anti static pouch is not completely necessary, but it does prevent the embossing powder from sticking to the entire sheet of paper that you will be working with. Most craft stores sell heat embossing kits, or you can purchase each item individually. Photographed below are the items listed above.

Prepare the area by placing a blank sheet of paper underneath your card that has been completed. Once the ink on your card is completely dry, rub the anti-static pouch ove the card. Then, draw what you would like embossed with the embossing pen. The pen that I am using is clear, but they have some that use black ink and those are easier to work with. As soon as your design is drawn, add the embossing powder to the card. Shake the remaining powder onto the blank sheet of paper underneath the card and store it in its container. Turn the embossing tool on and keep it about four inches away from the card. Be careful when using it and placing it down, because it gets very hot! When the powder appears to be raised the heat embossing process is complete!

Making cards can help relieve some stress this holiday season, be sure to have fun with it and create something for people you enjoy having in your life! Thank you for joining me this week!

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