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Introduction to Digital Calligraphy

One of the most convenient ways to practice calligraphy is by going digital! Practicing calligraphy with a tablet is so fun, because you can use such a wide variety of colors, add photos to your lettering, and even create animations! There are a few different tablets, styluses, and even computers that allow you to create digital files, but today I am going to be discussing the Procreate app available on iPads, since it is the only one I have personal experience with.

The Procreate app is available on many iPads (check here for iPad compatability and costs only $9.99. I use an Apple Pencil while practicing calligraphy with Procreate and I believe it is the only stylus that works for calligraphy on an iPad. This is because the Apple Pencil is sensitive to pressure, which is necessary for the thick and thin strokes.

Once the app is downloaded, you have plenty of brushes at your disposal ranging anywhere from sketching to calligraphy to spray paints. I mainly use the brush pen under “calligraphy”, but every now and then I also use the chalk pen or the script pen. The same principal of thick downstrokes and thin up strokes applies, so when you start practicing try to go slowly. For me, it was a big adjustment going from paper to the glass of the tablet. It almost feels as if the stylus slides more quickly, so I try to really take my time on each letter to make sure they’re all consistent and not shaky.

Photographed above are screenshots from my personal Procreate app. When creating a new canvas click on the “+” button (in the left photo) and choose your canvas size or create your own. After the canvas is chosen, you can then choose the brush you would like to write with (mine is selected in the right photo), choose a smudge tool, an eraser, add or remove layers, and pick the colors. Below are a few of my digital calligraphy projects.

There is so, so much that can be made using Procreate, but also so much to go over if you are beginning with digital calligraphy. It is a fun new process and I hope you will follow along as I go into more detail next week. As always, thank you for joining me!

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