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Water Brush Pen Calligraphy

Water brush pen calligraphy has such a refreshing feel to it, it so much fun and is much less messy than using a paintbrush and water. Here is what you need to start practicing water brush pen calligraphy; a pointed water brush pen, some mixed media or water color paper, and watercolors (liquid or regular, either work). The pens I am currently using are from Michaels and I purchased them as a set, but they are sold individually, as well.

To use a water brush pen, begin by removing the cap from the barrel. Then, fill the barrel with water. Liquid colors can also be placed inside of the barrel, but I recommend only adding water and dipping the brush in the watercolor container instead. Next, place the cap back onto the barrel, saturate the brush with a color, and start!

I find that gently holding the pen at the barrel works best for me. This gives the calligraphy an imperfect feel and I really like seeing the brush strokes on the finished product. If you would rather have a smooth look, squeeze the barrel a little more to make more water flow from the brush. However, be careful to not squeeze too tight, as that will make water run out of the brush! As usual with calligraphy, more pressure creates thick strokes and less pressure creates thin strokes when writing. When you are done with your writing squeeze the barrel more to ensure that all of the ink is removed from the brush. I hope you found this tutorial informative and good luck!

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